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  • 16 people who shaped the 2016 election: Karla Ortiz
    Yahoo News
    Karla Ortiz, 11, took the spotlight during the election race after appearing in a Hillary Clinton ad and at the Democratic National Convention, becoming a voice for children of immigrants who fear their parents may be deported. Read More

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This presidential campaign has sure seen a lot of spectacle and little substance. But one bright spot was that the final debate did include a segment on the national debt and a follow up question on Social Security and Medicare. And numbers from our partners at the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget were prominently cited.

See what Clinton and Trump said about the debt, Social Security and Medicare.
We still need to hear a lot more specifics, but at least people are asking the questions and the issue is getting attention.
Chris Dreibelbis
Campaign to Fix the Debt
1900 M St., N


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